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Characteristic injury of the gastrocnemius muscle and its treatment

Injury calf muscles treatment is the treatment of closed soft tissue injuries. In addition, this damage disrupted tissue integrity. As a rule, such injury can arise from blunt, but very hard object, or during a heavy fall on a hard surface. Injury has characteristics such as speed, suddenness and the action that occurs for a few seconds.

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Characteristic injury of the gastrocnemius muscle

In most cases, an injury of this type has a local character. After the injury, the victim in addition to skin injury may appear severe pain, damage to tendons or subcutaneous tissue.

One of the strongest muscles in our body is called the calf muscle. In addition, it is better than the rest, carries a different kind of mechanical damage, up to severe shock. After the injury most of the changes have on the blood vessels in the region of injury and at nerve endings.

If the injury is not too strong, then the maximum result of injury will be disturbed microcirculation in the damaged part of the limb. First, the victim can feel a very strong spasm of blood vessels of the legs, and then - paralytic rapid expansion. As a result, may develop congestive hyperemia and infiltration of soft tissues of the limb. Speaking in other words, it is a mild injury of the gastrocnemius muscle can only result in the appearance of edema.

osmotr ikronozhnoj myshcy pri ushibeIf the injury is more severe, it can even result in rupture of blood vessels. Then after a few seconds you will notice a lot of bruising in bruised place. It should be noted that damage to the larger vessels,the haemorrhage will be larger. Due to the fact that the blood from the vessels thus fall into the intermuscular and intercellular space, very quickly will begin to form large hematomas.

If one got too badly bruised calf muscle, it can result in more serious consequences. For example, the crushing of muscle tissue in the area. The next stage of the consequence will be a hemorrhage of varying difficulty, necrosis of the bruised and damaged tissues. Last edema with severe inflammatory processes. Because of the rapidly passing inflammatory process of the tissue cells and the blood begin to fail. Gradually in the place where the injury was received, changing the color of the skin. Known cases when bleeding during a severe injury had not immediatelyand after some time after the injury. Sometimes the consequences become visible only after a few days.

Generally, upon impact in the area of calf muscle pain is not very strong. This is due to the fact that at the time of receiving such injury does not occur any damage to the periosteum. Interesting is that the pain syndrome may become noticeable only a few hours after the shot. This is due to the fact that injured the spot begins to develop an inflammatory edema. In addition, it may indicate muscle damage, for example, tensile or of violation of certain features of the legs, which she previously served.

Calf muscle injury - treatment

led dlya ustraneniya oteka pri ushibe ikronozhnoj myshcySome may think that to treat an injury is not necessary, and after some time everything will be on their own, without any intervention. But still no need to let it go and it is better to ask for help from professionals.

Initially, the treatment of injuries of varying degrees of complexity lies in the fact that in the first few hours after receiving such injury apply a bandage and selenodesy to use cold. Thus it will be possible to avoid hemorrhage in the soft tissue or significantly reduce it. In order for the outflow of blood is improved and not compromised, the limb should be immediately put on any hill.

If was diagnosed with a badly bruised muscle, it is necessary to immediately carry out the immobilization of the feet of the victim. When you appearance big and a pronounced hematoma that does not go away on their own - you need to seek medical care for such procedures as puncture. This means that doctors will be removed from the soft tissues and ligaments of coagulated blood, which are unable to dissolve.

After three days after receiving a severe injury to the legs, you can begin heat treatments. With this method it is possible to accelerate the resorption of hematomas. In addition, such treatments -stretching, because they relax the muscle and allow it to recover faster. Among them include special warm compresses, bathing or physiotherapy. After 10 to 12 days the doctor prescribes the affected person a special set of physical therapy. Thus, restoration of function of legs is several times faster.

raspolozhenie ikronozhnoj myshcyIn some severe cases, can prescribe procaine blockade by Vishnevsky's method in order to remove severe pain in the calf muscle. Asa rule, such treatment is prescribed not earlier than the sixth day after the injury. Popular and oil-balsamic dressing large size, which is great for the whole leg. If the injury is very difficult, in this case, it is possible a permanent elevated position of the legs on the special equipment called a bus Bellera, or on special multifunctional bed.

Thus, the treatment of injury of the gastrocnemius muscle of different complexity is to use the following methods:

  • the imposition of a pressure bandage;
  • use cold;
  • thermal procedures;
  • oil-balsamic dressing;
  • special equipment;
  • physiotherapy.

When may occur the injury of the gastrocnemius muscle

In the majority of cases of injury of this nature the injuries you get wrestlers, football players, gymnasts and other people who are very closely connected with the world of sports. As practice shows, more often it can injure the anterior surface of the leg, specifically the distal tibia of the leg.

First aid in this case, it is all in the same application of strong bandages and use cold. When the pain disappears, as a rule, the athletes continue their training. Of course, after such injuries it is advisable to wait until the muscle is fully restored to provide yourself from developing different kinds of complications.

Surgical intervention in injuries of lower leg

lfk posle ushiba ikronozhnoj myshcyIn some situations, physicians may prescribe even surgery. Usually do not do without the operation in the case that there is a very strong bleeding and you can very clearly see the stock fluctuations. If you have these symptoms, then the surgeon opens the hematoma and begin drainage of the cavity during the first few days. This is necessary in order to completely clear calf muscle from the clot and further complications. After about 10 days the wound is completely healed, and the injured limb will be ready for the first exercise, which should gradually increase to full training legs.

If the treatment of a hematoma, which originated on the anterior surface of the tibia, will be late or absent, it is not excluded the appearance of pus.

In this case, it is also necessary to do surgery and cleaned of muscle, not only from blood but from large amounts of pus. Therefore, treatment of injury of the gastrocnemius muscle can be very delayed, and no one can guarantee that in the future will not have complications. In addition, the limb may lose some of its functions due to purulentinflammation.


During severe injury of the gastrocnemius muscle may be a muscle tear, which appears directly at the moment of impact. In this case, the victim should be transported immediately to the hospital to provide professional assistance.