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If diagnosed with a bruised toe or arm what to do

Limb injuries - a very common phenomenon. If there is a bruise of the toe, what can I do to ease the pain? There are many ways. Among them are traditional recipes. Use infusions and compresses of various herbs, ointments based on plants. But this is done after consultation with a trauma: you must get the shots and to determine whether any fracture.

problema ushiba palca na noge

Often injuries are combined with fractures, sprains and dislocations. Injury is the violation of the tissues that causes swelling. Common and internal hemorrhage. It occurs when a burst small blood vessels in tissues. So there are bruises and bruises. The reason is the strong impact legs and arms on something solid. Or the limb may fall large item. Depending on the magnitude of the impact, the consequence can be as severe swelling and a complete inability to move or lack of functioning limbs. The integrity of the skin is not broken. It may affect the fingernail. It will go gradually as the healing of a finger. With time grow a clean nail plate.

Injury to the toes and the ability to ease the pain

Bruised toe is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • swelling;
  • pain in the area of impact;
  • the appearance of a bruise;
  • the bad performance;
  • sprain;
  • dislocation of finger;
  • fracture of the phalanges.

The sooner you contact a specialist, the faster you find out what specific damage was. Self-medication in these cases is unacceptable, because it leads to complications.

Extent of injuries:

  • easy, when you are not much injured subcutaneous tissue and the skin, there is swelling, but small;
  • spread haematoma with violation of motor processes, severe pain;
  • a strong bruise of a finger, when both may be a fracture, and dislocation. This can damage the deeper layers of the skin.

podorozhnik dlya lecheniya ushiba palca na nogeAssistance should be provided immediately, before the ambulance. Finger injury requires rest. Lift the limb and try to completely immobilize her. This will help avoid hemorrhage and tissue damage. Put on the injured leg ice pack. Suitable dry ice, snow, ice water, regular ice from the freezer. Shin tie a gauze bandage to the swelling did not spread. So the pain will be less, and stop internal bleeding. When injury of the little finger is necessary to fix it as soon as possible. Whether or not the fracture is quite difficult to understand, especially in the case of Littlefinger, but it is possible. Too sharp and severe pain, bound toes, the harbinger offracture. At the same time to move your fingers you will not be able.

If the pain is bearable and symptoms do not point to the worst, lock the limb and send others for medical help. If there are scratches, they should be treated with antiseptic. Damaged nail is better to grease with iodine. This will help to avoid sepsis. Injury of the big toe requires the imposition of a pressure bandage. This will limit the spread of blood in a chaotic manner and will not allow infection of tissues, take away the throbbing pain.

Be sure to drink painkillers, and injury, apply a special ointment. It is anti-inflammatory, decongestant creams, pain pills, gels, alcohol tinctures or ointments herbal:

  • psyllium;
  • yarrow;
  • calendula;
  • chamomile.

In children all of these measures apply with no less success than in adults. Of course, young patients are much psychologically vulnerable than adults. They must constantly distracted from the pain, and about pain medications to ask the ambulance at the stage of the phone call. Very difficult to do so that the child did not move a foot. You need to explain to him that it's not going to hurt and come up with compelling arguments in favor of the relaxed position of the limb. Treatment is undertaken immediately.

Recipes getting rid of the consequences of injuries of the toes

fiksaciya lejkoplastyrem nogtya nogi pri ushibeTreat injury can be just as sure that it is. Periodically massage the fingers with ice. For 20 minutes every 2 hours. In any case do not heat the fingers after an injury. This will expand the blood vessels and will bring additional pain. Leg will become even thicker, and the swelling will not be long to go.

Fix the plaster on the nail. About 36 hours is not worth going. It is advisable to spend a week at home. Going outside will need to wear shoes, and it's for your swollen limb is not desirable. No bandages fingers. Provide solution of this question the doctor-the traumatologist.

No need to constantly put pressure on the fingers and it is not necessary to warm the limbs.

Doctors often prescribe thisprocedure. But most importantly, keep your fingers alone. The treatment consists in the application of ointments and creams anesthetic effect. Don't forget to do a compression bandage for several days after the injury. All the creams that you will apply under the bandage, you must coordinate with your doctor.

Follow all recommendations of trauma. For a full treatment will take several weeks. It depends on the degree of injury. Take care of the injured fingers, try not to make sharpmovements.

Injuries of the fingers

ushib palcev rukiA bruised thumb is no less common than other injuries of the limbs. Fracture from sprain also can be distinguished by acute pain. Only a doctor can help to identify the signs of different types of damage. Do not neglect the treatment to the specialist, since such injuries may provoke the inability of the full movement of the fingers, and subsequently brush.

Injury of the fingers can be observed when:

  • dislocations;
  • injuries with hematomas;
  • severe sprains;
  • closed fractures.

Injury of the fingers requires the attention of a trauma surgeon and appointments x-rays. Fractures of the fingers are divided into several types:

  • A fracture passing at the base and not on the joint.
  • A fracture near the elbow region when the triangular bone is not injured.

It brings unbearable pain, as in the hands of many nerve endings. The thumb is not in a very advantageous position relative to other fingers. Injuries can be not only simple injuries, and associated sprains, dislocations.

pomeshenie ruk v holod pri ushibeAt home or at work when the injury immediately to place a hand under the icy water. Better if it is running. So will create the effect of continuous cold. Without a doctor can not do here. But until he comes or you reach trauma, use cold. Apply an ice pack and calmly head to the doctor. To produce in this case any movement of the fingers is contraindicated. So will not have severe swelling and bruising. Ate the damaged nail, lubricate it with iodine.

If dislocation occurred, in any case, do not try to set the bones yourself. You will only specialist. Before visiting be sure to take pain medication.

The types of injuries of the fingers and the possibility of healing

After injuries of the fingers it is impossible to move them in a few weeks. Even to take in hand an ordinary object is not possible. Dislocation, bruise, sprain or fracture, the fifth is not given, this phrase can be heard from doctors. Only after careful examination and x-rays trauma surgeon will tell you what needs to be done when there is a bruised thumb.

The arm can be placed in a container with ice and after a visit to traumatologist. This will make the bruise less. Don't try to constantly bend and straighten the limb, such manipulation will bring additional pain. Bruised fingers will burn. This is due to the nature of the injury and the reaction of the tissues.

mazi pri ushibahTo the sight of injuriesare and cuts, offsets, burns. First aid will be actions aimed at stopping bleeding. Tie the injury with a bandage. If there is a burn, immediately flush the hand in ice water and cover with a clean cloth, apply ice. In any case, do not anoint with oil. It will not give access to air, which will make even greater thermal injury to the hands.

To heal a hand injury the following actions:

  1. Obezbolit hand.
  2. Treat the wound or injury with antiseptic.
  3. If necessary, clean the wound.
  4. Don't oppose to stitching if necessary.
  5. If necessary, drink on antibiotics that will not allow contamination of the blood and the whole body through a wound or injury.
  6. Don't oppose the vaccine against tetanus.

With a slight injury to thumb, so he came back to normal, you need about 2-3 weeks. But to completely get rid of the pain will be only a few months. Discomfort can stalk you if you load or pressure on the phalanx.

When the nail peeled off, restoring it will take a longer time. It grows up to 3 months. Remember to treat the nail plate, otherwise the nail will be deformed as a result of injury. Help packs of potatoes. Boiled and chopped vegetable should be applied on the nail as a compress and wrap for the night bandage.


Subsequently don't neglect visits to physicians. It can be as orthopedists and traumatologists. They will monitor the progress of healing and recovery. Of course, if you have a minor cut, scratch like a cat, you should not worry to such an extent to contact the experts, a simple manipulation will help to cope with injuries. But if you have a serious injury, immediately run to the surgeon. Take care of your health, no one except you can not do it!