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How to apply ring the delbo at fracture of the clavicle

How to use the rings the Delbo at fracture of the clavicle? This question is often of interest to patients. The fracture is always a serious injury that requires serious treatment. Clavicle - a bone that is necessary for the movements of the hands, furthermore, it protects the soft tissue from possible damage. Clavicle bone is necessary in order to ensure connection of the hands with the body.

problema pereloma kluchicy

From a broken clavicle no one is immune. This can occur when falling on the shoulder, on the arm in the extended position or when the injury of the clavicle. A broken collarbone is a common injury, there are times when children get a fracture at birth, in childhood, in car accidents.

When fracture of the clavicle for fixation of the injured extremity using the ring Delbo when conservative treatment method.

The design of this lock is very simple. It consists of two rings that are worn on the shoulders, and then tightly pull together in the back.

klassifikaciya perelomov kluchicy You can break any part of the clavicle depending on what was aimed blow.
According to statistics the most part of cases, fracture of the middle third (it's thinner).

Types of clavicle fracture:

  1. Closed and open.
  2. With displacement and without it. This files most often diagnosed fractures with displacement, due to the fact that there are muscles that are at the time of damage is reduced and shifts the bone fragments.
  3. Medical characteristics define oblique, comminuted, and transverse kooperacii type of fracture.

Depending on this treatment. It can be conservative or operational.

How to identify a broken collarbone

In General, the fracture of the clavicle has similar symptoms with other injuries. A manifestation of the fracture is an acute pain which has a tendency to strengthen. In addition, the patient can not move his arm to raise his hand becomes difficult. Gradually over the injured area begin to appear swelling, strong swelling and a bruise. Often a fracture is accompanied by damage of vessels and nerves, which are located near the clavicle. In this case, the hand loses its sensitivity.

Characteristic signs of fracture are:

bolevye oshusheniya pri dvizhenii rukoj

  1. Crunching when moving the fingers of the injured hand.
  2. This is especially noticeable when you try to slightly raise the arm.
  3. Shoulder moves down.
  4. Due to the development of swelling, the bone becomes rough.
  5. One arm seems longer than the other.
  6. Characteristically, the affected armthe patient clings to his.

To determine the fracture from the baby and the child more difficult because symptoms do not exist. Children may complain of sharp pain, and arm movement becomes restricted. In addition, there was a small swelling over the fracture.

If the child is crying and there is a violation of the mobility of hands, then you should immediately take him to a doctor. In children the fracture of the clavicle may cause problems with the formation of the skeleton in the future.

Diagnosis of fracture of clavicle

Trauma makes the diagnosis based on the patient's complaints and examination. One method of diagnosis is palpation and a thorough inspection.

Mandatory patient give direction on x-ray. In this case, the doctor can determine the type and severity of injury. If there is any doubt, I can recommend a computed tomography (CT).

Treatment of clavicle fracture

transportnaya immobilizaciya pri perelomah kluchic: a) 8-mi obraznaya povyazka, b) kolca delbe, v) sovremennyj variant kolec delbeIt is very important to provide competent first aid. For this we recommend the use of the rings Delbo, who have four basic sizes. They are selected depending on the size of the chest circumference of the patient. These clamps are used for treatment and prevention of injuries, including fracture of the clavicle.

In that case, if the patient is injured, then the help you need to have immediately. You can make ring the Delbo at home. This will require two cotton-gauze harness. In order to determine their size, need to measure the width of the thorax, and then with the help of rings, record the area of the wrist and axilla.

After first aid the victim was transported to the hospital for examination and further treatment.

Treatment can be both conservative and operational. Without timely treatment, the bone will heal incorrectly and may form a false joint.

Under conservative treatment means the imposition of a fixation dressing and the tyres, which immobilize the arm and pull the shoulder.

Depending on the age of the patient, the period of fusion of the clavicle may be different. If it is a fracture without displacement, then a bandage is applied for a period of 3 to 7 weeks. In children and infants the fracture heals even faster.

hirurgicheskaya operaciya pri perelome kluchicyIf displaced fracture, then used the plaster and appointed local anesthesia. Often for the first timesplint, and then it is replaced by gypsum.

When is surgery indicated? However, not always it is possible to conduct conservative treatment method, in some cases, the doctor performs surgery. There are several types of operations.

When conducting the intervention in a displaced fracture, the doctor holds the debris using internal plates, needles, rods or imposes special external devices. This allows you to lock bones in the correct position. If you have a complication of damage to the blood vessels and nerve endings, the operation is also shown.

Once the bone is fused, remove the plaster, and prescribed a course of rehabilitation. However, you need to be careful to the moment until the fracture healed completely.

What medications are used in the treatment of fracture? Medical drugs are prescribed mainly as an analgesic. But great value they have. In order to get rid of pain, should undergo a course of pain medication drugs.

However, there are some medications which help to restore cartilage. During the recovery period prescribe the use of medicines that contain chondroitin.

For best results, take them, and after the bones are healed. Very useful to take vitamin complexes containing calcium and vitamin D, we recommend the addition of collagen.


After the bandages come off, it is recommended to use preparations of local application. These include gels and ointments. Some ointments can contain substances which promote healing of the fracture.