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Than to get a bruise on your lip?

It would seem that no threat to health or even life the bruise on lip does not carry. But what is the discomfort a person feels from spoiled appearance! In addition, the hematoma is painful. So it's worth thinking about how to quickly get rid of such unpleasant damage. This can be done by using medicines and folk remedies.

problema gematomy na gubah

Why on the lip you get a bruise

Hematoma can occur because of a simple bite of the lip. Any mechanical trauma can lead to bruise. This is related to the fact that under the skin in the region of injury of the lip blood flow in capillary damage. In addition to the color change, may occur swelling and pain.

Hematoma on lip markedly better than anywhere else. This is due to the fact that the skin on your lips is transparent and contains no pigment. That is why lips are red. Capillaries with arterial blood, the appropriate color bursting through their skin. And bruise through the transparent layer is visible much better on the skin than any other part of the body.

The lips contain a lot of small blood vessels with blood. Their damage and causes bleeding, which can be quite strong. On the lip under the skin accumulates a significant amount of blood. Therefore, the size of the bruise can be quite large.

maz To facilitate future state is necessary to render first aid to the damaged lip. To do this in the first minutes after a trauma it is necessary to quickly open the freezer to retrieve some ice. Wrapping it with a piece of clean cloth, apply to injured area and hold for several minutes. Then a break and again applied the ice. Preferably this procedure is done in about 2 hours.

The ice to the affected area is not necessary. It can cause frostbite, which would entail a change in appearance of the lips: there is tissue damage and inflammation. Therefore, it is important to wrap the ice in cloth.

Cold necessary in the first minutes after the injury. It reduces the smooth muscles narrows the lumen of the capillaries, reduces the amount of blood that flows in trauma.

Treatment of hematoma of the lips

Care should be taken to prevent injuries of this type. But if this happens, you should immediately start getting rid of the hematoma. Pharmacies have many special means against bruises, because self-treatment will not be difficult.

maz okopnika ot gematomyAmong pharmaceutical drugs are the following:

  1. Balm“Rescuer”. The tool has analgesic effect and is able to quickly remove the bruise. The drug contains natural ingredients: sea buckthorn, and calendula, and many others. Due to the natural components of balm has no side effects and is recommended to all.
  2. Ointment comfrey. Consists only of natural substances. Has no contraindications. The only thing it can not be applied, if after a blow on the lips are the open wounds.
  3. Ointments and creams “Fastum gel or Troxevasin”. Possess a remarkable property to dissolve bruises. But these drugs cannot be used immediately after the injury. You must wait 2-3 days, and then to apply the medicine on the sore spot.

All ointments, gels and balms are to medicines. Therefore, it is necessary first to read the instruction and follow it strictly, so as not to harm the health of the patient. Possible allergic reaction to one or the other component drugs. In this case, the use of drugs is discontinued and the doctor's visit is not delayed.

The larger size of bruising on the lip doctor prescribes physiotherapy. Such procedures to quickly relieve the patient from disease. In some cases developing suppuration. This is treated with surgical intervention. If it does not hold, it can disrupt the functioning of the lips.

Traditional recipes for getting rid of bruises on the lips

troksevazin ot sinyakovFolk healers have invented many recipes against hematomas. The most used medicinal herb - concoctions. Powder it can be purchased at any pharmacy. It is easily diluted in water and applied as a lotion, can quickly get rid of edema. The same quick effect and has lead water. It also sold in any pharmaceutical network.

The healers suggest the following treatment:

  • the five leaves of aloe are applied to the bruise;
  • grind the plantain and apply to the affected place;
  • calendula tincture rubbed the sore place;
  • wormwood brew in boiled water, moisten a cotton swab in the decoction and apply on the bruise for 2 hours;
  • to prepare a solution of one teaspoon of salt, Cup of vodka, Cup of vinegar and apply pads soaked in the solution, to the injury of the lip;
  • fresh cabbage leaves applied to the bruise for a long time, fixing them with an adhesive plaster;
  • aloe mixed with honey and apply on the affected area;
  • wormwood mixed with honey, add castor oil, and prepare an ointment to apply to the injury for 15 minutes 2 times a day;
  • potato starch is good to remove the hematoma, for which it is diluted with water to a paste;
  • if you put the peelbanana half an hour several times a day, then the bruise will be gone.

Medicinal plants effective against bruises. But to apply them it is necessary a longer time than medication.

Bruising after injections of beauty

aloe ot sinyakovHematoma on lip may appear after a cosmetic procedure to increase. This is because the tool used for injection, tearing of tissue.

If the beauty shots were done with the use of anesthesia, the bruises heal longer. It may take more than a week. But if anesthesia is not used, then the bruising will last no more than 5 days. Beauticians recommend that women coming for the procedure, to follow some of the advice (for example, application of a cold, the use of ointments).

Before the procedure it is not recommended to use blood thinners. For example, aspirin. Taking them increases the risk of bruising. So the week before surgery it is better to stop accepting such funds. Alcohol interferes with blood clotting, so, too, contributes to the formation of bruises. The use of alcohol-containing beverages should be stopped a few days before treatments. Exactly the same ability to enjoy vitamins and supplements. They should not be taken for two weeks before injection of beauty.


For several weeks after lip augmentation should be discontinued baths and saunas as the high temperature dilates the blood vessels. You should avoid sunlight and UV lamps. At some time will have to refrain from sports.