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Bruised tailbone: the main symptoms and consequences

A bruised tailbone most people think non-hazardous trauma. Meanwhile, a bruised tailbone, symptoms and consequences of which are very insidious, and needs to be treated.

problema ushiba kopchika

The mechanism of injury, symptoms

Coccyx - the lower, the final part of the spine. It consists of 3-5 fused vertebrae. On top of the coccyx connects to the sacrum. Women are more mobile joint that plays an important role in the process of childbirth. In the soft tissues in the projection of the coccyx contains a large number of nerve endings. The spinal cord in this part of the spine are not located. To the front divisions are attached the ligaments of the intestines and urinary organs.

A bruised tailbone is considered a mild injury in which damaged to a greater extent soft tissue. But, considering that the coccyx is the spine, it is not necessary to treat his injuries lightly. The mechanism of injury is a blow. Most often a bruised tailbone get in the winter ice, but there is a household accident, for example, when you fall off a stool or ladder. Also, this injury may be the result of a traffic accident. Damage to the coccyx often occur in women who have this body more vulnerable.

padeniya - prichina ushiba kopchikaAt risk for injuries of the coccyx are dancers, athletes, children and adolescents.

The first and main symptom of injury coccyx - pain. Pain, usually severe, often travels to the legs or crotch. May be accompanied by vegetative symptoms: dizziness, watery eyes, increased heartbeat and respiration. These symptoms pass very quickly. After a few minutes the pain subsides, but then may resume. Characterized by increased pain when walking, when urinating, while sitting, during sexual intercourse (in women). In the area of impact occur the swelling and a hematoma (bruise), sharply painful at palpation.

Diagnostics and emergency care

First, you need to differentiate between a bruised tailbone, fracture and dislocation. The latter often happens in children. In addition, there may be concomitant injury of the rectum and pelvic organs.

To clarify the severity of the injury can only be achieved using x-ray studies. So a bruised tailbone needs to seek medical help. In rare cases, may require additional screening in the form of tomography. In the first minutes after the injury you need to apply ice to the injury site. Ice, or frozen product from the refrigerator should be wrapped in a napkin or towel.

polza lda pri ushibe kopchikaMake anestheticdrug (ketorol, Nise, Nurofen, etc). Apply the ointment with a cooling effect. Next, you need to take some time to a horizontal position on a solid surface.

If there is a suspicion that he had a fracture of the coccyx, then you need to call a team of doctors. Then you need to put the person so that the injury does not touch the ground.

You can put a pillow or something like that. If possible, you need to give the victim a painkiller and wait for the arrival of the ambulance.

Treatment damage

The acute phase lasts about a week. The whole process of treatment takes on average one month. In the early days of the recommended sedentary lifestyle. Seat good to use a special orthopedic pillow. The victim should sleep on your side or stomach. Within 4-5 days you should take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in tablets or in the form of rectal suppositories. Topically applied analgesics in the form of ointments or gels. If the place of injury, there are abrasions or wounds, apply the ointment is not necessary. With third day you can apply warm compresses, warm baths with sea salt, to attend physiotherapy. Massage and therapeutic exercises are conducted not earlier than the seventh day.

Effective honey-vinegar mix (2 parts honey to 1 part vinegar). In the acute period it is applied every hour. Also apply a compress with tincture of Valerian, onion poultice, wormwood, plantain.

The consequences of the injury

golovnye boli posle ushiba kopchikaThe consequences of a coccyx injury can be quite serious. May be a chronic process. Pain syndrome that failed to arrest in the acute phase, may further disturb again. The deterioration occurs during prolonged sitting, Cycling in the wet and cold weather.

The result may be headaches, since the blow is transmitted along the axis of the spine and can cause misalignment of the spinal cord. As a result, the person will be tortured chronic headaches and even migraine attacks.

If a hematoma in the area of severe injury, it can be encapsulated. In its place is a dense lump of connective tissue. Sometimes bruising suppuration, and even the formation of a fistula.

Complications of pregnancy and childbirth is not uncommon. This problem occurs due to the reduction of mobility in the Sacro-coccygeal joint.

Disruption of the pelvic organs due to a damaged nerve endings sent to these agencies.


Compression fractures of other vertebrae, resulting from the displacement of the shock wave, characteristic of children and the elderly.

Rehabilitation after treatment

Afteras the bones and cartilage of the coccyx will begin to grow together (2 weeks), you go to the rehabilitation procedures. Major rehabilitation treatments are massage and therapeutic exercise (physical therapy), which are warming up the tissues, muscles and joints. Some medical centers use acupuncture for injuries of the spine, which also promotes a speedy recovery.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that if you do not conduct rehabilitation activities, pain and swelling at the fracture site may persist for up to 5-6 months. And stagnant blood and bruise can lead to an abscess at the site of injury.


To avoid unpleasant consequences and save health will help timely treatment to the doctor and the fulfillment of all its precepts.